Frequently Asked Questions — Weddings

What do we supply, what can you bring, and will there be a fee? Here are answers to the most frequently asked questions Hollywood Casino St. Louis receives about wedding celebrations.
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Is there a bartender fee?
The wedding packages include all bartender fees. We estimate one (1) bartender per 75-100 guests. If you would like any additional bartenders above standard count, the bartender fee is $100 each. 

Can I bring in my own wedding cake?

You are welcome to provide a wedding cake from an outside licensed bakery. Cake cutting fees are included. If you would like to provide a candy bar for the wedding reception, you are more than welcome to provide the candy and appropriate containers. We’ll provide the bar (table).

What’s the couple’s signature cocktail?

It’s whatever you would like it to be using the brands provided in the tier you have selected. Some couples like to do something as simple as rum and coke and personalize it with a name unique to them. Other couples will search for a unique drink on the internet. The signature cocktails cannot contain more than one liquor. 

When do I have to give a final head count?
Final head count is due 96 hours prior to the wedding. If your wedding is on Saturday, the final head count is due on Tuesday by noon. 

Can I provide my own candles?

You can provide your own candles as long as the flame is enclosed (the candle must be in a candle holder).

What are up-lights?
Up-lights are can lights arranged around the room that shine a colored light on the wall. They completely revolutionize the ambiance of the room. Up-lights are a great way to transform the space without blowing the budget. The lights can be in whatever color you choose. 

How much is the deposit?
The first deposit is 30% of total anticipated expenses. The first deposit is non-refundable. We accept all major credit cards and checks. Full pre-payment is due 10 days prior to the event.

Are there any other decorating rules?
Yes, we do discourage the use of confetti on the tables. Also, nothing can be taped, stapled, nailed, glued, sticky tacked, or bolted to our walls. 

Can I do my ceremony here, too? 
Absolutely! Hollywood Casino loves wedding ceremonies! The starting rental rate for a ceremony in conjunction with a wedding reception is $750. The ceremony set up includes: stage, podium with microphone, chairs, unity candle table, program table and guest book table. All other decorations are at your discretion.

Can I leave my wedding belongings here after the wedding?
Definitely, who wants to pack up the car that night anyways! We will take great care of your belongings left here at Hollywood Casino. We do ask that the two items that need to leave the banquet space that evening are the cards and gifts. Hollywood Casino will not take responsibility for these valuables. We ask that all items left behind are picked up by 3 p.m. on Monday. 

When can I get in to set up?
Your sales manager will assist with these details closer to the wedding date. We make every attempt to make sure you can access the room the morning of the wedding to set up your goodies/decor. If the space is not being utilized the night before the wedding, there’s a possibility you can come then to set up. 

What about my out-of-town guests?
Every wedding package includes a courtesy wedding block of ten (10) rooms. The rate will fluctuate from weekend to weekend and your sales manager will assist you with quoting the special rate. If you need more than ten (10) rooms, your sales manager can also assist you in contracting an additional block of rooms over the courtesy block of 10. 

Special perks for guests: Complimentary airport shuttle, complimentary Wi-Fi in the guest rooms, and complimentary parking. 

What are the color of the napkins and linens?
We have a great variety of colors. Standard tablecloths: white, black or ivory. The upgraded overlays come in white, black, ivory, beige, gold, burgundy, royal blue, navy blue, wedgewood blue and forest green. The cost is $5 per overlay/table. Napkin colors: white, black, ivory, brown, forest green, burgundy, red, pink, yellow, navy blue, purple, royal blue, gray and peach. 

What about kids at the wedding reception?

Hollywood has a great children’s menu with kid friendly items such as hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken fingers. The cost is $20-plus per person and designated for guests ages 12 and under.

I have some guests that are vegetarian or have special dietary needs; can I get a special plate for them? 

We will provide a special plate for those guests with dietary needs or those who are vegetarian. Please relay this information to your sales manager during the detailing process. If your guest doesn’t R.S.V.P. that they have special dietary restrictions or is a vegetarian, the banquet captain will make all attempts to ensure that your guest is taken care of and fed. The price for the vegetarian or special dietary plate is the same price per the wedding package selected. 

How many hours do I have the room for? 
The wedding packages are based on a five-hour allotments. Most wedding receptions take place from 6 p.m.-11 p.m. Another popular timeframe is 5 p.m. -10 p.m. If you would like to extend the reception past the five-hour mark, then a room rental fee of $200 per 30 minutes will be incurred. The latest a wedding reception can go is midnight. Be sure to relay this information to your sales manager when you book the reception, so the space can be contracted accordingly.

Is there a room rental fee for the wedding packages?
The room rental is waived with the achieved food and beverage minimum.

What’s the painted plate for the wedding cake?
The painted plate is where you can put your personal touch on each and every one of your guests' wedding cake plates. Most brides will have the chef design a flower, monogram, or elaborate design in chocolate, strawberry or raspberry sauce on the plate alongside the piece of wedding cake. 

All prices subject to 21% taxable service charge and applicable sales tax.