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asian card game room

non-stop action

We have more Baccarat games than any other casino in the St. Louis area.  Our ten Baccarat games include, Dragon Baccarat, EZ Baccarat, and numerous other Baccarat squeeze games. With plenty of games to choose from and gracious limits of $25 to $10,000, come on down and enjoy the non-stop 24 hour action.
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Phat Tai Restaurant

The Phat Tai restaurant is connected to the Asian gaming room, so you don't even have to leave for a delicious bowl of pho, classic beef and broccoli or your other favorites.

Named after the Vietnamese word Phat Tai, which means "to come into riches or wealth," the architecture of the dining area is inspired by bamboo, an essential plant that has been symbolizing peace, improvement and advancement for several thousands of years.