Intern Story – Jared Kramer

Jared came to us this past summer from Washington University in Saint Louis, where he is pursuing his MS in Customer Analytics. Working as a Marketing Specialist here at Hollywood Casino, every day was different for Jared, as he bounced around all of the Marketing departments, seeing action in the promotions center to analyzing data in the Database Marketing office. Jared is finishing his Internship by starting a data analysis project, with the goal to improve promotional offers and assist with player services. 

When asked why he chose Hollywood Casino, Jared replied, “I was looking for a data heavy internship, and casinos collect a lot of data to work with.” It was this abundance of data and the interconnections of the departments that Jared really appreciated, noting that the communication between them was great. Jared recommended that next year’s Marketing Specialist Interns “try to insert their own experience and flare into projects.” Overall, the diverse experiences and exposure, combined with the strong communication network made this a great Internship experience for Jared. We want to thank Jared for his experience at Hollywood Casino, and wish him the best of luck in the continuance of his studies!

Intern Story – Logan Bash

Logan, from Zanesville, Ohio was recruited out of Washington University in St. Louis to fill one of our Marketing Specialist positions. Logan is a rising junior in the Olin Business School double majoring in Economics and Strategy and Operations and Supply Chain Management, with a minor in Political Science. Logan participated heavily in all areas of marketing; supervising promotions at concert events, shadowing VIP and executive hosts, helping with Marquee Rewards, managing slot tournaments and other drawings, and even performing data analysis with our database team.

Logan’s favorite memory during the internship was getting to work and watch the Sam Hunt concert, noting that it was packed and full of energy. Logan also loves working with the promotions team on weekend nights, as they create quite the buzz across the casino floor. Logan joined the Hollywood team because he believed the internship experience would give him great customer service experience, but he also really enjoyed building relationships with team members all across the property. Logan advises that the next Interns, “meet as many people as possible and build some lasting relationships, it makes the internship much more enjoyable.” Logan’s biggest realization from the program was how big and fast paced the casino industry is. “It’s a rapidly moving business with so many different aspects, and every day is different from the rest.”

 We want to thank Logan for his experience at Hollywood Casino, and wish him the best of luck in the continuance of his studies!