Intern Story – Jordan Wheeler

A dual major in Computer Science and Finance from Washington University in Saint Louis, Jordan was a great candidate for the Marketing Specialist Internship. Sitting in our digital marketing department, Jordan focused his day to day efforts on project completion and data analysis. One of his favorite achievements was designing a system of automatically updating reports tied to our social media outlets and website! 

Jordan’s favorite memory at Hollywood Casino was assisting with the filming of various food videos, such as “Kiss My Glass” and “The Three Non-Beer Dudes.” “It was cool to get behind the camera and envision how the experience would be for the viewer.”   Of the internship experience as a whole, Jordan remarked that the “position affords a lot of opportunity for creativity. The diversity of projects is great!” When asked for advice to give to the successor of his role, Jordan replied, “Come in knowing you are going to be doing lots of different things, and be okay with that variety.” We want to thank Jordan for his experience at Hollywood Casino, and wish him the best of luck in the continuance of his studies!

Intern Story – Michelle Pagnon

Michelle came to us from Washington University in Saint Louis, enrolled in their Business program with a major in Marketing and minors in Psychology and Design. Spending the summer as a Marketing Specialist intern in the Digital Marketing department, Michelle got to gain experience in several big projects. A day for Michelle included work on either of her two main projects; writing SEO descriptions for the major video campaigns on our social media networks, and developing graphics and descriptions for the Table Games Department. When not delving into those projects, Michelle focused her efforts on analysis and side activities, like the filming of social media videos. 
Michelle’s favorite memory of Hollywood Casino was seeing her first project come to fruition, and owning the success that came with it. Michelle knew Hollywood Casino was the right fit for her after she met her manager Brooke, remarking “I knew that this would be a great place for mentorship and the application of my learning experience!” When asked what advice to give to the successor of her role, Michelle replied, “You have a lot of freedom, so be proactive! Take advantage of your free time, and create something great!” We want to thank Michelle for her experience at Hollywood Casino, and wish her the best of luck in the continuance of her studies!

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