Venue Options and Descriptions

Here at Hollywood we have 15 spaces spanning a total of 9000 square feet that we can customize to your event to make it smash the box office. For each of these spaces, we have 6 different pre-configured seating options, such as Rounds of 10  or U-shaped, and with the ability to work with any group that needs a different arrangement. Our rooms can be outfitted with whatever AV equipment you feel like you may need.  Here are just a few of the options we can provide, and feel free to contact our team at for more information.

Full Conference Room -- 89 x 51', Our largest offering, perfect for wedding receptions or any gathering. This option can fit up to 350 people depending on the seating configuration chosen. 

Banquet Photos

Rotunda room -- 50 x 51' circular, total of 1900 sq ft. An excellent room for presentations, with a massive projector screen, or for pairing with the Conference room to facilitate two different setting simultaneously, while keeping the party connected.

Hollywood Casino St. Louis Banquets 

Conference Room CD -- 50 x 51', the perfect space for Conference events, so you can get business done. Check out our conference dining options so you can build the most efficient day possible. 

Hollywood Casino St. Louis Banquets

99 Hops' House -- 34 x 74', Looking for a space for a less traditional event? Check out 99 Hops House, with excellent options for dining and displays on every wall so you can show your guests anything that comes to mind. We can also combine this space with the private Hops House room, giving even more room for your bonanza.

Hops House Event Space

Melrose Room - 40 x 40', The shortest walk from any of our Hotel rooms, this may be our most convenient presentation center available. Contact our team to talk about block hotel bookings so your conference can go off without a hitch. 

Hollywood Casino St. Louis Banquets

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