Small $2.25
Medium $2.50
Large $2.75
Extra Espresso Shot $1.75
Extra Syrup Shot $1.25
Sub Soy Milk $1.00

Cafe Drinks
Small $4.00
Medium $4.75
Large $5.25
Cafe Latte
Cafe Mocha
Cafe Carmel
Cafe Vanilla
White Chocolate Latte
Organic Chai Latte

Iced or Hot Tea $2.25
Hot Chocolate $2.75

Single Espresso $2.50
Double Espresso $3.00

Cafe Americano
Small $2.50
Medium $3.00


Breakfast items served 6am to 11:30am.

Hearty Hash $8.25
Served with a buttermilk 
biscuit, scrambled eggs,
hash browns, diced ham,
bacon, sausage, and

Denver Hash $8.25
Served with a buttermilk
biscuit, scrambled eggs,
hash browns, ham, peppers,
onion, mushroom, and 

Veggie Hash $8.00
Served with a buttermilk,
biscuit, scrambled eggs,
hash browns, onion,
pepper, tomato,
mushroom and cheese.

French Toast $8.00
Served with syrup, powdered
sugar, butter, and your
choice of bacon or sausage.

Malted Belgian Waffle $8.00
Served with syrup,
butter, and your choice
of bacon or sausage.

Biscuits and Gravy $6.00
Buttermilk biscuits with
creamy sausage gravy
and hash browns.


Hollywood Express $7.77
Served with scrambled eggs,
hash browns, a buttermilk
biscuit, and your choice
of bacon or sausage.

Bacon Croissant $7.25
Served with hash browns,
egg, cheese, and bacon
on a croissant.

Muffin Sandwich $7.00
Served with hash browns,
English muffin with Canadian
bacon or sausage patty,
egg and American

Salads & Sandwiches

Chef Salad $9.00
Garden greens with ham,
turkey, cheese and egg.

Fruit Salad $8.50
Freshly cut in-season
melon and fruit.

BLT Salad $8.00
Lettuce blend, sliced
cucumbers, diced
tomatoes, diced
bacon, with shredded

Beef and Cheddar $9.00
Boar's Head roast
beef with cheddar
cheese on a
hoagie roll.

Turkey and Bacon $9.00
Boar's Head turkey
breast, crisp bacon
and provolone cheese
on a Kaiser roll.

Ham and Swiss $9.00
Boar's Head black
forest ham and Swiss
cheese on a
pretzel roll.

Chicken or Tuna Salad $8.75
On a croissant.

Beef and Cheddar $9.00
Ham and Cheese $8.50
Reuben $8.50
Turkey Bacon Swiss $8.50
Tomato Basil Mozzarella $8.00

Don't forget to check out
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