Let It Ride Bonus Poker

Let It Ride Bonus Poker was designed to offer our casino guests an opportunity to control two of their three bets wagered on an exciting poker game. It's enjoyable and easy to learn. It's based on the five card stud poker game. The Players do not play against the dealer or any other Player.

Let It Ride Payout Schedule
Let It Ride Payout Schedule
Pair of 10's or better                                                                   1 to 1
Two Pair 2 to 1
Three of a Kind 3 to 1
Straight 5 to 1
Flush 8 to 1
Full House 11 to 1
Four of a Kind 50 to 1
Straight Flush 200 to 1
Royal Flush 1,000 to 1

All bets must be placed prior to the dealer announcing "No more bets." Each Player places three (3) equal bets in spaces indicated 1, 2 and $

Let It Ride 1

The Deal
Each Player and the Dealer receives three (3) cards face down.

Let It Ride 2

The Play
You are not playing against the Dealer or the other Players. You are simply trying to get a good poker hand by using your three (3) cards and two (2) community cards, which are exposed by the Dealer. Each Player will be required to keep their three (3) cards in full view of the Dealer at all times. The winners are paid accordingly to the Payout Schedule (Pair of 10's or better, Two Pair, etc.). After looking at their first three (3) cards, the Player may ask for their first bet back (See the Middle and Left Players below) or they may "Let It Ride" (See the Right Player below). 

Let It Ride 3

The Dealer, after burning the bottom card from the community stack, turns up one (1) community card. 

Let It Ride 4

The Player may then ask for their second bet back (See the Left Player below) or "Let It Ride" (See the Middle and Right Players below). 

Let It Ride 5

After each Player has made a decision regarding Bet number 2, each Player's cards will be placed face down on the designated area of the layout and they may not touch the cards again. The Dealer then turns up the second community card. 

Let It Ride 6

Each Player's three (3) cards, after all losing wagers have been collected, the Dealer then pays all winning hands according to the Payout Schedule. Regardless of the decision made concerning the first or second bet, a Player may not take back the third bet. Players cannot show their hands to other Players.

Let It Ride 8

3-Card Bonus Wager
All Players MAY place an optional 3-Card Bonus wager in addition to their standard Let It Ride wagers. Players may bet more on this 3-Card Bonus wager than on Let It Ride. The 3-Card Bonus wager is based on the cards each Player holds when playing Let It Ride. If the Player's cards contain a rank of Pair or better, their 3-Card Bonus bet wins.

3 Card Bonus Payout Schedule
3-Card Bonus Payout Schedule
Straight Flush                                                                             40 to 1
Three of a Kind 30 to 1
Straight 6 to 1
Flush 3 to 1
Pair  1 to 1

Optional Progressive Wager
Optional Progressive Wager
If the patron bets the optional progressive wager and received a Three of a Kind or better it will be paid using the following pay table:
Hand Ranking  Pay Table
Royal Flush 100%
Straight Flush 10%
Four of a Kind                                                                            $500
Full House $100
Flush $50
Straight $25