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Vincent Brian Marsden from Vincent Van Doughnuts is at Hollywood Casino St. Louis to talk about his famous doughnuts, some of which are now exclusively served at Hollywood & Grind! Starting out as a food truck in 2013, Vincent Van Doughnuts quickly grew after winning the Doughnut Showdown on the Food Network and opened their first store back in 2015 in Clayton and recently opened their second store on Valentine's Day in Tower Grove! Known for their 100% made from scratch philosophy, these doughnuts are made with no trans fat, dough conditioners, or stabilizers but still achieve that deliciously sweet doughnut taste!

This month, Vincent Van Doughnut is rolling out their March Special, a 9 ounce yeast-raised doughnut with maple, cinnamon glaze, pecans, walnuts, and topped with a smoked caramel sauce that can only be found at Hollywood & Grind! This March Special as well as all the eight other doughnut flavors available at Hollywood & Grind (Cherry Cheesecake, Blueberry Cheesecake, Chocolate Long John, Bavarian Cream Fill, Lemon Lavender, German Chocolate Cake, Cheesecake Cookie Crumble, and Cookies & Cream) are delivered daily to Hollywood & Grind right when they are done so you are sure to get the freshest doughnuts they make!

Come on in and try a fresh Vincent Van Doughnut out for yourself at Hollywood & Grind in Hollywood Casino St. Louis! You can also purchase any of their doughnut flavors, except those exclusive to Hollywood & Grind, as well as freshly-made pastries, tartletts, and now ice cream at the Clayton and Grove locations!