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On this episode, Chef Patrick is teaching us how to crack crab legs for the all-you-can-eat crab leg buffet at the Eat Up! Buffet every Friday night! The crab legs we serve here at Eat Up! Buffet are already cooked and brined right on the ocean ships that catch them, so we just reheat them to ensure you get a hot, flavorful piece of meat every time! You don't want to over cook the crab legs, so Chef Patrick makes sure to drop them into boiling hot water seasoned with, as per Chef Patrick's recommendation, a little white wine, fresh lemon, old bay seasoning, and bay leaves!

To crack the crab legs, Chef Patrick demonstrates how to crack the legs and claws with both his hands and the crackers! When you snap the shell with your hands, make sure you removed the hard exterior gently so the delicate crab meat inside doesn't break off. With the crackers, Chef Patrick shows us how to snap the best part of the crab, the crab claw, by breaking the sides out to reveal the big piece of juicy claw meat inside (the best part that everyone always misses out on!)

Come on in for the all-you-can-eat crab leg buffet every Friday or Saturday, Sunday, Tuesday, and Wednesday for $9.99/pound at the Eat Up! Buffet in Hollywood Casino St. Louis!