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Happy April! This month on Kiss My Glass, we're featuring drinks that you can order from the Sunset and Rodeo bars located right on the casino floor, and Kayla is starting us off strong with the Walk of Fame! To make this unique and shimmery cocktail, our bartender Jane adds 1 measure of Amaretto, 1 measure of Raspberry Schnapps, 1 measure of Blue Curacao, some Sour Mix, and a little bit of Sprite to a shaker and gives the drink a good mix. Then, she pours the drink into a cocktail glass and completes it all with a garnish of orange!

Don't let the funky color throw you off: This surprisingly delicious and tasty drink is the perfect complement to any casino game! Come on in and try the Walk of Fame or any of our other cocktails out for yourself at the Sunset and Rodeo bars in Hollywood Casino St. Louis!