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Kayla is continuing her month of tasting cocktails that you can order from the Sunset and Rodeo bars right on the casino floor with the Tequila Mockingbird! Here at Hollywood Casino, we are taking that old summer reading book, To Kill a Mockingbird, and turning it into a delicious cocktail that will have you ready for the warm weather! To make the Tequila Mockingbird, our bartender Jane combines 1800 Tequila, Triple Sec, and a little bit of Sprite and lemonade over a tall glass of ice.

Whether you are a tequila lover or a tequila hater, everyone is sure to love the refreshingly crisp flavor of the Tequila Mockingbird! Come on in and try the Tequila Mockingbird or any of our other cocktails out for yourself at the Sunset and Rodeo bars in Hollywood Casino St. Louis!