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It's only January, but we're already thinking about this year's baseball season here at Hollywood Casino St. Louis! (Go Cards!) In honor of the best time of the year, Kayla is trying the Spring Training Daze, a baseball themed cocktail from our brand new cocktail menu at 99 Hops House! Our bartender Laura adds cherry vodka, Midori melon liqueur, pineapple juice, lemonade, and lime juice to a shaker, gives it a good shake to make sure all the flavors are well mixed, and pours the deliciously fruity cocktail in a glass to serve!

The Spring Training Daze's fruity and refreshing flavor is the perfect cocktail to get you excited for this year's baseball season! Come on in and try a Spring Training Daze or any of our other cocktails out for yourself from the new cocktail menu at 99 Hops House in Hollywood Casino St. Louis!