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From Final Cut Steakhouse, Kayla is trying the Pedro's Coffee, the perfect pick-me-up drink for coffee lovers and haters alike! Our bartender Thomas starts this deliciously creamy drink by rimming the glass with orange and dipping the edges into turbinado sugar. Then, he adds a splash of Tia Maria, which is a dark liqueur made from Jamaican coffee beans, an even pour of Godiva chocolate, and tops it all off with some Bacardi 151. Thomas lights the drink (don't miss seeing the dancing flames in the middle of the glass!) and adds 3 parts of freshly-brewed coffee. To finish off the drink, Thomas adds a healthy dose of whipped cream, sprinkles a little more turbinado sugar on top, and finishes with an orange slice!

This warm and delicious coffee cocktail is the perfect drink to get you through the cold, winter months! Come on in and try the Pedro's Coffee or any of our other cocktails out for yourself at Final Cut Steakhouse in Hollywood Casino St. Louis!