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Kayla and Thomas are trying out the Not Your Father's Root Beer Float from Final Cut Steakhouse! This boozy twist on the classic root beer float starts with squeezing some "funky" designs inside the glass with chocolate. Then, our bartender Thomas adds two scoops of ice cream to each mug while Kayla taste tests the ice cream to make sure it's still good (It's a hard job but someone's gotta do it!) Thomas finishes off the drink with some Godiva chocolate, Not Your Father's Root Beer, and a generous or tiny dollop of whipped cream on top!

Make sure you bring a friend when you order the Not Your Father's Root Beer Float, so they can tell you if you have a little something on your face! Come on in and try the Not Your Father's Root Beer Float or any of our other cocktails out for yourself at Final Cut Steakhouse in Hollywood Casino St. Louis!