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This week, the 3 Non Beer Dudes toast to the start of spring with the limited release Goose Island Preseason Lager! Inspired by the European craft beers, Goose Island founder John Hall decided to begin making craft beers back in 1988 when craft brewing was not widely popular in the United States, but since then has contributed many award-winning craft beers to the craft beer revolution sweeping the nation. To celebrate the beginning of baseball season (Go Cards!), the Preseason Lager by Goose Island is a spicy lager with a little "back-end bite" that is sure to get you in the mood for all 3 summer B's: beer, baseball, and BBQ. 

See what the 3 Non Beer Dudes think of the Goose Island Preseason Lager and find out who hates April showers and loves May flowers! As always, you can try a Goose Island Preseason Lager or any one of our other 98 beers out for yourself at 99 Hops House in Hollywood Casino St. Louis!