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The 3 Non Beer Dudes start the best time of the year, concert season, off right with 4 Hands Brewery's seasonal Guava King out on the 99 Hops House patio! Based right here in St. Louis, 4 Hands Brewing Company is a local brewery that always offers a diverse range of seasonal beers along with their 6 year-round staples that are sure to satisfy any beer drinker. As part of this year's seasonal lineup, the Guava King is a tart wheat ale that is only available for a limited time and is fermented with real guava for a fresh, fruity taste that is sure to protect you from the annual scurvy and rickets outbreak!

See what the 3 Non Beer Dudes recommend pairing the Guava King with this summer (Hint: Think pre-concerts, shuttle rides, and free parking!) As always, you can try the Guava King or any one of our other 98 beers out for yourself at 99 Hops House in Hollywood Casino St. Louis!