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Welcome to July! The 3 Non Beer Dudes are enjoying one of our 500 newly renovated hotel rooms with the Dogfish Head Brewery's 90 Minute IPA! Since 1995, Dogfish Head Brewery has been continually expanding and brewing amazing beers, vodkas, rums, and gins out of their beach hometown of Rehoboth Beach, Delaware. One of their most famous brews, the 90 Minute IPA is the best-selling imperial IPA in the country because it is the very first beer that Dogfish Head Brewery not only continually hopped for 90 minutes but also dry hopped in their "Me So Hoppy" device for a pungent but not overpowering hop flavor!

Find out what the 3 Non Beer Dudes think of Dogfish Head Brewery's 90 Minute IPA and which Non Beer Dude is a "sipper" and which is a "gulper"! As always, you can try a Dogfish Head Brewery's 90 Minute IPA or any of our other 98 beers out for yourself at 99 Hops House in Hollywood Casino St. Louis or order one up to our newly renovated hotel rooms!