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Happy New Year from the 3 Non Beer Dudes! This year, the 3 Non Beer Dudes are starting their New Year's Resolution of trying more local beers with Earthbound Brewery's Belgian Pale Ale! Earthbound Brewery is an up-and-coming St. Louis brewery that opened their doors just 3 years ago on Cherokee Street! Don't let their recent opening fool you though: Earthbound Brewery is already brewing exceptional drafts like the Belgian Pale Ale, with a banana/pepper taste that impresses even our expert Non Beer Dudes. 

Find out what the 3 Non Beer Dudes thought of this Pale Ale and which Non Beer Dude is literally knocked off his seat! As always, you can try Earthbound Brewery's Belgian Pale Ale or any of our other 98 beers out for yourself at 99 Hops House in Hollywood Casino St. Louis!